Ultra high-speed UV-flatbed printing machine for large-format prints

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Ulta high-speed UV-flatbed printing machine for large-format prints with a printing size of 3200 x 2000 mm. Outstanding print quality achieved by latest generation of Konica Minolta print heads.

Thanks to outdoor-resistant UV-inks this machine is the ideal solution for both industrial applications and sign making.

With new LED curing system, which due to its lower energy consumption costs less to run and benefits from a longer lifetime.

  • sharp and high-resolution prints (9 or 13 picoliter per nozzle, 1024
  • nozzles per colour)
  • latest generation of Konica Minolta print heads lead to printing
  • speeds more than twice as fast as previous models
  • Jetrix Anti-Banding technology (G-Mask) for photorealistic prints
  • prints 2 & 3 layers at a time (e.g. colour & white)
  • robust and stable flatbed, designed to meet high quality requirements
  • vacuum system within the print table and movable gantry
  • automatic control of the two different vacuum zones which ensure substrates are held completely flat when printing
  • automated pin registration for fast and accurate media placement
  • special UV-inks for durable printing on different kinds of plastic and other material (suitable for outdoor applications)
  • 5 different print modes (Draft, Production, Quality, Fine Art, Super Fine)
  • efficient LED curing system
  • extended LED lamp life time of up to 20,000 hours (compared to Mercury lamp)
  • eco friendly printing with reduced energy consumption (about 35 % less than compared with a Mercury lamp printer)
  • no heat-related media deformation
  • alignment bar for easy positioning of the material on the print table
  • automatic recirculation system for white ink
  • advanced and user friendly GUI software with newly developed functions such as ‘Drag & Print’
  • alarming sound before printing to warn the operator from machine motions
  • automatic anti-head crash system, to protect from head damage
  • touchscreen monitor
  • anti-static-device (optional)
  • equipped with double print heads (optional)

Ideal for many kinds of applications:
packagings, exhibition graphics, promotional gifts, indoor and outdoor advertising, membrane switches, posters, displays, signs, POP-advertising, furniture, window or interior decoration, spot varnishing

Substrates – rigid and flexible:
PVC, wood, Dibond, acrylic glass, tiles, cardboard, styrol, aluminium, Forex, glass, plastic composites , different plastics etc.

Print speeds:

- Draft Mode 181 mē/h,  2  Pass,      at 900 x 360 dpi (Normal Dot)
                                                     at 540 x 360 dpi (Variable Dot)
- Production Mode 98 mē/h,  4 Pass, at 900 x 360 dpi (Normal Dot)
                                                     at 540 x 360 dpi (Variable Dot)
- Quality Mode  50 mē/h,  8 Pass,     at 900 x 720 dpi (Normal Dot)
                                                     at 540 x 720 dpi (Variable Dot) 
- Fine Art Mode  32 mē/h, 12 Pass,   at 1080 x 720 dpi (Normal Dot)
                                                     at 670 x 720 dpi (Variable Dot)
- Super Fine Mode 23 mē/h, 16 Pass, at 1080 x 720 dpi (Normal Dot)
                                                     at 670 x 720 dpi (Variable Dot)


6 colours CMYK & Lc & Lm
6 colours CMYK & Lc & Lm & 1 x primer & 1 x varnish
7 colours CMYK & Lc & Lm & 1 x white
7 colours CMYK & Lc & Lm & 2 x white

Data formats:

All current formats such as PostScriptŪ3!, EPS, TIFF, PDF und RGB/CMYK.

Ambient conditions:

-  temperature            18 - 25°C

-  humidity      30 - 60 % (not-condensing)

Conditions should be constantly within the indicated range.

Technical data ESC-JETRIX LXi8

print method Piezo Inkjet
print heads Konica 1024
resolution 1440 x 720 dpi
printing mode

flat printing

max. printing size

3200 x 2000 mm

max. material thickness100 mm
max. material weight80 kg/mē
drop size 6 pl 9 or 13 p
print direction unidirectional and bidirectional
curing integrated UV-LED lamps
ink tanks:
- white

5 l
1,5 l
electrics 210 -230 V, 32 Amp.,
single phase, 50/60 Hz
compressed air requirement more than 0.5 bar
dimensions (w x d x h) 5690 x 2300 x 1620 mm

foot print 

6700 x 2600 mm


 1740 kg

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