ESC Practika MIG64 -

Digital flatbed printing machine in a printsize of 1600 x 3000 mm

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ESC Practika MIG64

ESC Practika MIG64

ESC Practika MIG64 ESC Practika MIG64

Digital flatbed printing machine in a printsize of 1600 x 3000 mm
Unique on the market, as it is the only inkjet machine which was developed for the use of special nano inks.


  • innovative digital printing technology by use of nano inks
  • glass printing without pre-treatment
  • excellent range of application on metal, leather, wood etc.
  • print material thickness up to 250 mm

Standard equipment of ESC-PRACTIKA MIG 64

Airdry Pro:
Airdry Pro is a patented system and installed directly on Practika print head. It is used for all applications where an immediate drying is needed during the printing phase.

Vacuum table:
Vacuum system within the print table and movable gantry made of calandered phenol formaldehyde resin. Provided with a system for the division of the single areas through manual or automatic valves. During the printing phases this vacuum table allows to keep the pieces in position through a strong air suction. One or more additional suction pumps can be added depending on the client s needs.


New print head technology
New Epson DX7 Gold heads are specially designed for high production speed. Up to 102 m²/h at 360 dpi can be achieved.

AIC automatic ink control
Automatic system for adjusting the ink pressure by means of electronic controller to guarantee best print performance.

Data formats:

All current formats such as PostScript®3!, EPS,JPG, TIFF and PDF.

Recommended ambient conditions:
- temperature 18°- 22° °C
- humidity max. 55%
Conditions should be constant within the indicated range.

Substrates rigid and flexible:

- glass
- wood
div. plastics

- ceramics
- metals
- melamine
- etc.

Nano inks:

Special nano inks for durable printing on different kinds of materials. Suitability certificate for use in food industry, issued by University of Bologna. Environmentally friendly as the inks do not contain any chemical solvent. The white and clear inks can be tempered

Available nano ink types:
Pigmented inks, plastic inks, dye inks

CMYK + special colours at choice (white, clear, etc.)

Conditions should be constant within the indicated range.

Optional extras

Warm Vacuum
Vacuum table equipped with heated flatbed recommended for all applications which require a controlled temperature of the material as glass for example.

Temperature Control System
Innovative system for constant control of ink temperature and the hydraulic system. With this on-board system the operator has the possibility to set the necessary values to achieve the desired environment forinks, pipes and electronic parts. Recommended for large plants where it is difficult to maintain a certaintemperature.

Protection cover
Made of lycra with high resistance, tailored for Practika machines.

Technical Data PRACTIKA MIG 64:

technical data   PRACTIKA MIG64/L   PRACTIKA MIG64/S 
print method  piezo-inkjet  piezo-inkjet  
print head technology  Epson DX7 Gold  Epson DX7 Gold  
max. print size  1600 x 3000 mm  1600 x 1500 mm 
max. material thickness  250 mm   250 mm  
print resolution  360 bis 1440 dpi with IPC *  360 bis 1440 dpi with IPC * 
print speed  102 m²/h bei 360 dpi   102 m²/h bei 360 dpi  
drop size  variable 1,5 - 14 pl   variable 1,5 - 14 pl  
print direction  uni- and bidirectional  uni- and bidirectional  
ink curing  hot air blower  hot air blower  
ink type  nano inks  nano inks  
electrics  400 V, 3-phase, 5-pin connector  400 V, 3-phase, 5-pin connector  
power consumption  max. 8 kW/  max. 8 kW/  
interface  Ethernet 10 base T or 100 base DX   Ethernet 10 base T or 100 base DX  
venting required   no  no 
dimensions (W x D x H)  3900 x 3020 x 1450 mm  3020 x 2300 x 1450 mm 
weight  1440 kg  950 kg 

* Intelligent Pass Control - feature to avoid banding.

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