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ESC Luescher-Tschudi roll-to-roll printing systems

RAPTOR 320 - the new generation of digital textile printing process
Luescher - Tschudi - a team of professionals with many years of experience in different areas developed a new generation digital textile printer for industrial application. The result of several years of development is the new Lüscher-Tschudi RAPTOR 320 industrial textile printer. In this case, a special attention was paid to important sectors such as softsignage and textile printing.
Lüscher - tschudi is a professional team of specialists for soft signage and textiles located in Switzerland. Swiss Solutions will give you the necessary production safety. We develop and sell printing machines for industrial digital textile printing, we also provide a cutting and thermo fixing unit.
Latest digital printing technologies, combined with many years of practical experience. Users will get technically advanced machinery and equipment which guarantees high quality.

T-REX 320
Swiss design and layout, combined with the best industrial components from leading brands.

The Quickfix Neo
is the best way to set printed substrates speedily. The new generation of machines for rapid thermal setting on directly printed fabrics is now available.

Raptor 320 Professional Textile Printer
Brand new and fast direct textile printer for soft signage and textile

Therminator 320 thermo fixing unit for direct printed fabric
brand new thermo fixing unit for 320 cm printed fabric and roll to roll fixation

RIP Software
for soft signage and textile products. A professional solution fitting all your requirements.


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