RAPTOR 320 Professional - Roll2Roll textile printing system

swiss solution for digital textile printing

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RAPTOR 320 Professional


RAPTOR 320 Professional Roll2Roll textile printing system

The RAPTOR 320 is designed for professional, high-grade textile printing and soft sign applications from roll to roll.
Like the big brother T-Rex 320 the RAPTOR 320 has a print width of 3200 mm. Equipped with the same reliability features the RAPTOR 320 offers substantial cost savings at a more compact design. The RAPTOR 320 has 8 print heads and a 4 or 8 colour set-up.
The water-based and eco-friendly inks promise high lightfastness. However, the printer can also be operated with dye-sub, dispersion, pigment or reactive inks.

The RAPTOR 320 is the professional and user-friendly solution for high-quality large-format digital prints in textile and soft signage.

RAPTOR 320 Professional Roll2Roll textile printing system - Brand new and fast direct textileprinter for softsingage and textile.

Benefits at a glance:

  • fabric guide for substances with constant tension for the entire roll, developed from years of experience
  • banding-free printing with high precision feeding system and stepless, soft  transitions in the pass modes
  • large fabric dryer guarantees dried material before winding on the roll
  • highly brilliant colour prints due to water-based eco-friendly textile inks
  • 4- 8 colour setup with up to 8 printing heads
  • print width up to 3200 mm
  •  easy insertion of the material thanks to automatic fabric loading system

Highlights Raptor 320 Professional

  • Swiss design, combined with high-quality industrial parts from worldwide leading brands
  • specially designed material guidance to handle most of thetextile fabrics
  • highly stable, vibration-free mechanical design
  • special print head technology from Konica Minolta
  • guarantees perfect prints, fast and reliable, up to 1440 dpi
  • suitable for water-based textile inks as dye-sub, dispersion, reactive
  • printing speed up to 140 m²/h in 2 passes with 8 colour setup
  • EC certification

Technical Data Raptor 320 Professional

Printing speed 2pass: up to 140 m/h with 8 color setup
Printing speed 3pass: up to 95 m/h (Standard)   
Printing speed 4pass: up to 70 m/h (High quality)    
Printing size: 3200 mm
Goods collection: single
Material: Usual fabric, knitted fabric for Softsignage and textile
Model of printhead: Konica-Minolta KM textile printhead i-type
Number of printheads: 8
Color setup: 4 to 8 colors
Ink: Water-based / dispersion / reactive  / pigment
Ink supply: Automatic with tank
Temperature: 18-28 C
Humidity: 50-80%
Air pressure connection:     -
Power: 230 V 16 A
Dimension LWH: 4800 x 1300 x 1520 mm
Weight: 840 kg

Raptor 320 - Industrial Textile Printer Roll2Roll

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