DTG M series for industrial textile printing

in size from 610 x 500 mm to 1100 x 980 mm

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ESC DTG M series

ESC-DTG M series for industrial textile printing

ESC - DTG M Serie


Strike a new path with a trend-setting digital printing system for industrial textile decoration.

Enhance your productivity and extend your product range by new products such as jeans, hoodies, towels, caps, etc. all from one printer


DTG Digital expands the M-series
DTG Digital introduced the latest member of the M-series direct-to-garment printers in October: the M3. The new model has been launched in response to the increase in demand for volume printing. Features include an all-new garment platen system made up of three sets of 4-2-1 platens, allowing printing for three 4XL garments, six standard garments or 12 smaller garments in one system.

Models DTG M series in overview

Model M2 M4 M3 M6
max. printing size 610 x 500 mm 610 x 500 mm, 610 x 1200 mm
extendable to 1200 mm in length
1150 x 632 mm 1100 x 980 mm

Benefits of ESC-DTG M-Series:

+ High speed
- Production output:
light garments:
dark garments:
One Pass Fast technology:

approx. 50 pieces/h
approx. 25 pieces/h
approx. 48 pieces/h

- prints 2 to 8 shirts simultaneously by means of scalable platens. Thanks to a wide range of TucLoc! platens you can adapt your DTG M2 to growing needs of productivity.
- don't settle for low 600 dpi, try faster 1440 dpi with more ink placement
- enhanced print speed through processor driven conveyor

+ even more flexibility          
- new DTG-P30i inks: skin-tolerant, water-based pigmented textile inks for any kind of textile fabric whether natural, synthetic or blended
- direct digital printing on light and dark textiles in a size of 610 x 500 mm or 610 x 1200 mm
- wide all-over prints                                                                                                                         
- enlarge your range of products: jeans, zip hoodies, shirts and even clothing panels
- water-based pigmented textile inks for any kind of textile fabric whether natural, synthetic or blended
+ all new technical conception laid out for industrial requirements
- solid and robust machine design
- completely new firmware for enhanced resolution and ink drop technology
- 46 pl droplet size for white at 720 dpi scaleable for all supported resolutions
- optimised ink management (WIMS) with recirculation system for white ink
- automatic height adjustment (25 - 125 mm)
- Interweave Technology eliminates banding at all resolutions
- high accuracy by servo drive

DTG One Pass Fast

DTG One Pass Fast

A uniquely beneficial process that allows both white base and colours to be printed in just one pass. Normally, dark shirts require a white base before CMYK colours, i.e. the print image,is being printed. The One Pass Fast Technology combines these two steps into one - thus reducing print times by half – 2 shirts in 150 seconds with vibrant colours. Please note that print trials must be undertaken prior to production as this function is not equally suitable
for all images

Scaleable production:

The DTG M-series is 100 % flexible with a multitude of TucLocTM platen options for kids sizes through to all-over prints and even caps. The M-series in standard configuration supports 2 standard shirts with a unique bridge to allow extra wide prints to a maximum of 610 x 500 mm.
Big image area options – use the M4 with our unique platen drive swap out mechanism for multiple production up to 8 shirts or full length jeans, towels, etc. in an area of 610 x 1200 mm.
You can configure your M-series to your customer’s individual needs


APCP (active print head collision protection) White ink management system (WIMS) Interweave Technologie
By incorporating light beam detection sensors any obstacle getting in the way of the print path is automatically detected and the active drive system will drop the pallet while printing,
ensuring that head strikes are drastically reduced while still maintaining your prints 
By recirculation of ink via pressurized peristaltic pump system coupled with pressure
release filters and dampers, problems such as print head clogging and maintenance
downtime will be a thing of the past.
The all new Interweave Technology is a core development in digital textile printing which delivers greater flexibility and print quality for a wider range of garments.
More ink when and where you need it!
Textiles are basically fibres in a grid pattern. With Interweave
Technology ink drops are being laid down in a wave pattern across this grid of fibre - increasing saturation

Technical Data DTG - M Series

Technical Data DTG-M2 DTG-M4 DTG-M3 DTG-M6
printing method  Piezo InkJet Piezo InkJet Piezo InkJet Piezo InkJet
max. print size 610 x 500 mm, 610 x 900 mm
extendable to 610 x1200 mm in length   
1150 x 632 mm 1100 x 980 mm
max. print height    25 - 125 mm 25 - 125 mm 25 - 125 mm 25 - 125 mm
max. print resolution  720 x 1140 dpi 720 x 1140 dpi 720 x 1140 dpi 1440 x 1140 dpi
colours  8 (2 x CMYK or CMYK + 4 x W) 8 (2 x CMYK or CMYK + 4 x W) 8 (2 x CMYK or CMYK + 4 x W) 8 (2 x CMYK)
ink supply  pressurized CMYK ink tanks,
recirculation for white 
pressurized CMYK ink tanks,
recirculation for white 
pressurized CMYK ink tanks,
recirculation for white
pressurized CMYK ink tanks,
shirt platens  2 x 295 x 420 mm on one base 4 x 295 x 420 mm 3 x 415 x 615 mm on one base 6 x adult platen, 320 x 457 mm
electrics 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1/0A/110-120V 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1/0A/110-120V 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz
power consumption   55 W or less,
standby: 5 W, off: 1 W
55 W or less,
standby: 5 W, off: 1 W
55 W or less,
standby: 5 W, off: 1 W
55 W or less,
standby: 5 W, off: 1 W
operating system Windows Vista or XP Windows Vista or XP Windows 7, Windows 8 Windows 7, Windows 8
RIP Software  DTG Rip Pro DTG Rip Pro DTG Rip Pro DTG Rip Pro
dimensions (lxwxh)  1270 x 980 x 550 mm 1555 x 1205 x 1205 mm 1300 x 1810 x 1250 mm 1790 x 1550 x 1250 mm
weight   approx. 96 kg approx. 120 kg approx. 170 kg approx. 170 kg


The DTG M4 printer is the ideal production center for high volume print requirements. It boasts the same features as the industryleading M2 but with a far larger and scalable printable field area.

The standard configuration of 4 x adult platens allows an operator to adopt a ”set and forget” production workflow, effectivelymaximising output and minimising manpower. Additional optional bed extensions are available giving a maximum 2000mm printable depth, perfect for high end 100% print coveragefashion panel prints and the like.

The M4 achieves an even greater ROI through increased flexibilityand productivity.Better engineered, ink management, brighter prints, faster production, more flexibility and easier to use without the
maintenance levels currently experienced in the market, that’s the DTG M4!

M3 Industrial DTG Printing machine


The DTG M3 is a user friendly, precise machine designed to deliver!
The M3 Industrial DTG Printing machine is the culmination of 10 years of R&D and garment printer development. It delivers the industries most advanced, user friendly and precise print platform specifically designed for textile applications.
This DTG Printing Machine offers awesome functionality including ink mist extraction, temperature and humidity monitoring giving you greater control. Produce the all over t-shirts, hoodies, tea towels, mouse mats, bags, jeans and more – The M3 can also print full all over bespoke panel prints for just in time production.
The M3 DTG Printing machine supports the latest 4-2-1 platen system that gives a massive 1150cm x 632cm (extendable up to 750mm). This gives you the ability to print 12, 6 or 3 super size XXL garments

Additional benefits of ESC-DTG M3:

+ high speed
- prints 12, 16 or 3 XXL shirts simultaneously

+ even more flexibility
- direct digital printing on light and dark textiles in a size of 1150 x 632 mm

M6 Industrial DTG Printingsystem


The M6 makes multiple garment prints and fashion panel decoration easy
The M6 DTG Printer is designed for multiple and industrial DTG garment printing and fashion panel decoration. The M6 is the number one choice of fashion houses and contract decorators because of the ease of use and flexibility that this flatbed digital printer delivers.
There’s no need for a roll to roll sticky belt which means a massive reduction in equipment and manpower costs. The M6 supports common panel sizes up to 1100mm x 980mm. Fabrics and multiple finished garments can be decorated at just under 100 square feet per hour with incredibly fine detail thanks to the the dual CMYK piezo print head.
There’s no banding even at lower resolutions as the M6 retains the iQ Interweave technology that has made DTG printers the first choice for garment printers globally. Pressure release dampers ensure that ink is delivered to the print head nozzle plate for uninterrupted printing and an ink mist extraction fan also spans the entire bed ensuring longer print runs without maintenance.
The M6 DTG Printer is an industrial powerhouse in production that offers flexibility for a wider range of textiles, finished garments or fashion panel prints.

Additional benefits of ESC-DTG M6:

+ optimized mass production:
- maximum throughput at high quality

+ even more flexibility

- direct digital printing on textiles in a size of 1100 x 980 mm


ESC DTG TucLoc! Platen options:

multiple pallet options

TucLoc! adult platen
295 mm x 420 mm
TucLoc! youth platen
266mm x 330mm 

TucLoc! dual toddler platen
190mm x 254mm

TucLoc! dual sleeve platen
108mm x 420mm

TucLoc! dual cap and low profile platen

ESC-DTG Platen Organizer

software upgrade for creating individual templates for shirt platens (sleeve platens, youth platens or even self-designed platens).

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