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DTG textile printing systems in overview

DTG textile printing machines

Direct-to-garment digital printing systems from ESC - amazingly simple, amazingly fast.
Experience the most modern and brilliant way of printing textiles with the latest ESC - DTG digital direct printing systems. We offer you a wide range of digital printers with different formats and speeds, tailored to your requirements.

 DTG G and  M Series - digital printing systems for industrial textile decoration

ESC - DTG G and M Series

Strike a new path with a trend-setting digital printing system for industrial textile decoration!


Enhance your productivity and extend your product range by new products such as jeans, hoodies, towels, caps, etc. all from one printer



 ESC-Pretreatment Systems - Perfect pre-treatment for perfect print results!

ESC-Pretreatment Systems

ESC-Pretreatmaker III - pretreatment system

Manual pre-treatment of T-shirts can be a very time-consuming and unpleasant job inevitably wasting too much of pre-treat liquid.
The ESC-Pretreatment Systems are a time and cost-saving solution to substitute the formerly manual application of primer on textiles.


We offer you digital printing systems and textile decoration systems from the following manufacturers: