individual preatreating without a decline in quality.

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ESC-Pretreatmaker III


ESC-Pretreatmaker III - pretreatment system

ESC-PREATREATmaker III individual preatreating without a decline in quality.
Due to the new electronics a higher performance is ensured. The innovative and larger display allows for an easy setup of the spray length, width and amount of precoating. The machine comes with four valves, which can be selected individually. This not only allows you to setup your individual precoating area but also saves a lot of precoating liquid.

The length of the spraying area can be regulated in 2 cm increments using the touch display. There are 10 levels available regarding the amount of precoating liquid. A specific feature of the device is the automated cleaning process of the four spraying nozzles (consumption ca. 12 ml/hour). This will prevent the nozzles from getting dry or blocked when the machine is switched on. All of these settings, you can store 5 different editable program buttons.

  • automated cleaning function every 3 minutes (interval operation) to prevent the spraying nozzles from getting dry or blocked
  • equipped with four separately controlled valves to achieve an individual pretreat area
  • pretreatment time approx. 6 seconds
  • 5 l tank with pretreat liquid
  • 5 l tank with cleaning water
  • 3 l tank for with waste water
  • LCD touch screen with graphic presentation
  • completely closed spray chamber to avoid that atomized spray may escape into the breathing air
  • transparent tube system
  • built in electronics for control of the spray length as well
  • as the complete operation cycle

Included in delivery:

  • machine
  • replacement nozzle
  • replacement filter
  • ultrasonic cleaner

Technical data ESC-Pretreatmaker III:

Technical data ESC-Pretreatmaker III:
max. spraying area approx. 420 x 600 mm
spraying method nozzles are moving over the table (inside)
table length 80 cm
nozzles 4
operating pressure 5,5 – 7 bar
voltage 230 V
dimensions (dxwxh) 90 x 72 x 48 cm
weight 70 kg

Details ESC-Pretreatmaker 3

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