EZ-Treat Maker 3 -

reliable and accurate performance with ease of use

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EZ-Treat Maker 3 Pretreatsystem

EZ-Treat Maker 3

Minimal pretreatment, maximum effect!

Specially suitable for the ESC-DTG M-series coming with the new P30i inks!

The Ez-Treat Pre-Treat Maker PRO for direct to garment digital printing has an advanced electronic system that provides reliable and accurate performance with ease of use.DTGP30i inks

This pre treat machine has a simple to use yet powerful control system allows give fantastic performance with real time controls during operation. You can turn off nozzles, set different heights & widths, and enjoy four different spray values (volume control). This machine offers up to three different pre-treatments in one machine.

This machine can automatically clean its four spraying valves (nozzles) during regular usage (Consumption ca.12ml per hour).  This clever feature prevents the valves (Nozzles) from becoming blocked or from drying out when the machine is standing idle.

  • fully-automated cleaning function
  • equipped with four separately controlled valves to achieve an individual pretreat area- pretreatment time approx. 6 seconds
  • 3 tanks for 3 pretreatment fluids
  • tanks for cleaning of the pipes
  • LCD touch screen with graphic presentation
  • completely closed spray chamber to avoid that atomized spray may escape into the breathing air
  • transparent tube system
  • built in electronics for control of the spray length as well
  • as the complete operation cycle

Technical data EZ-Treat Maker 3

Technical data EZ-Treat Maker 3
max. spraying area approx. 400 x 600 mm
spraying method nozzles are moving over the table (inside)
number of nozzles 4
Liquid Volume Storage: 5 Litres
Pre-Treat Configuration: 3 Pre-Treatments + 1 Cleaner
operating pressure 5,5 – 7 bar
voltage 230 V
dimensions (dxwxh) 1000mm(L) x 750mm(W) x 530mm (H)
weight 80 kg
Details EZ-Treat Maker 3 PRO


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