The all-purpose ESC pad printing machines ensure best possible printing results.

We offer standard systems, modular systems and individual solutions perfectly aligned to your special requirements:

  • from one-color to up to 8-color printing
  • from manual to fully automated loading and unloading
  • from the standard machine to the complete production line

We also develop special pad printing systems, which are manufactured individually according to customer requirements. Whether in the field of automotive, electronics, household appliances, cosmetics or medicine etc. - products printed with our pad printing machines can be found in almost all areas of daily life.

//Electro-pneumatic pad printing machines

Universal pad printing machines offer you significantly more options.
The ESC-COMEC electro-pneumatic pad printing machines are particularly user-friendly, reliable and are almost maintenance-free and easy to set up.

//Electronic pad printing machines

The ESC-COMEC electromechanical pad printing machines offer long-term, high production performance and are therefore equipped with motorized drives.

//Slide models

With the SLIDE system, printing of 1 - 2 colors on medium to large parts with uneven surfaces is possible. The horizontal movement of the ink cups is extended to increase the printing area, e.g. up to a print size of up to 185 x 400 mm.

//Automation/Integration models

The ESC-COMEC pad printing machines KP04, KP/KE07, KP/KV09 have a 90° swivel unit for horizontal printing. They are specially designed for integration into automatic production lines.

//Rotary pad printing machine

Rotary pad printing machines are specially designed for printing on cylindrical objects and achieve high output volumes

//Accessories for pad printing machines

ESC-COMEC pad printing machines can be equipped with a variety of additional accessories to meet individual printing requirements or to increase production capacity.

//Auxiliary devices

For the ESC-COMEC pad printing systems a wide range of equipment and auxiliary devices is available, such as exposure systems, drying systems, washing machines, etc.


Service and Support - from a single provider – consumables for all areas.
Take advantage of our wide range of consumables for pad printing and for film and cliché production.


Used machines from ESC offer you an attractive savings opportunity without having to give up our well-known quality and warranty.
Make an appointment with us for a practical demonstration.