Screen printing, for example, requires a precisely made stencil as a crucial precondition for a high-quality print result. At ESC you will find versatile prepress systems.

//Pneumatic screen stretcher

The ESC-Pneumatic screen stretcher consists of individual clamps and can thus be easily and quickly adapted to the screen dimensions.


//Stencil Coating Machine

The automatic stencil coating machine is laid out to achieve even and precise emulsion layers in high quality which is an absolute precondition to obtain good and reproducible printing results.


//Copying Systems

The ESC exposure systems for screen printing stencils are characterized by easy handling and reliability. Our customers can choose between different versions, from the simple MH copying lamp to the automatic Electronic Copying Machine with drying cabinet.


//Screen Developing Unit

The screen developing unit is the ideal equipment for the preparation, development and reclaiming of screen printing stencils.


//Screen Drying Cabinet

Screen Drying Cabinet entirely laid out in solid all-steel construction for short, uniform and dust-free drying of stencils with 5 drawers.